Better times ahead for semis, says Infineon CFO

Better times are coming for the chip industry, Infineon’s CFO tells German financial newspaper Boersen-Zeitung.

“After two years of stagnation, a recovery is on the horizon for the global semiconductor industry,” CFO Dominik Asam (pictured) told the newspaper.

For Infineon, it means that profits will be up by a fifth over previous forecasts.

“We will most likely earn about 20% more profit than previously planned in the 2013 fiscal year (ending September 30),” said Asam.

Infineon had a goal of getting to Euros 5 billion ($6.8 billion) in sales by 2015, but this is now likely to slip to 2016, said Assam.

The same year Infineon hopes to achieve its operating profit margin of 15%.

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David Manners
Electronics Weekly

Better times ahead for semis, says Infineon CFO.