Counterfeit Detection

Here at Assured Electronics we offer a three step counterfeit detection process that follows our company slogan. Do you have triple A?
Assured Quality, Assured Service and Assured Delivery!

Step one is the incoming inspection of the external markings and packaging. We test using marking permanency (Acetone test under our high power magnifying glass to determine the authenticity of the markings on all devices). If the product passes this test it moves on to our digital microscope for full front, back and lead inspection.

Step two is Assured 200X (200 times power state of the art digital microscope.) We diagnose all aspects of the devices looking for any inconsistencies. Blacktopping, solder on leads or the package to help determine device authenticity. If the product passes this step of counterfeit detection it moves to the final step of X-ray inspection.

Step three is Assured X (state of the art and cutting edge X-ray technology.) This is used to detect any inconsistencies in dies or lead frame internally against a gold standard product. If product makes it through these three forms of counterfeit detection an Assured X certification and C of C is given to the product supporting its authenticity.

We also offer third party Electrical Testing along with Decapsulation services at the customer’s request.

GOOD Device (Top Image)  BAD Device (Bottom Image)