Assured Electronics Corp offers a full range of services to compliment the products that we sell. We are positioned to be your sole source component supplier and inventory management professional. Taking advantage of all we have to offer will be a bonus to any purchasing professional.

Product Availability and Knowledge

We consider this our strongest and most powerful service we offer. The product availability part of this means that we maintain a large inventory of both commodity items as well as obsolete and hard to find components. What we have in stock can be shipped same day to keep your production on track. Also, if we don’t have the part in stock, we can still supply your requirements with product on a very short delivery time, even on allocated product. Our reach extends around the globe, and if the parts are available, you will have them.

But, what if they are not available? We know the product we sell and can help make recommendations to find alternate or upgrade parts that will qualify for your AVL. We will help you through the process of getting approval by your engineering department and get the replacement that meets your needs on your doorstep when you need it. In a tight situation, when you cannot get a certain part, it is nice to know that you can rely on us in a pinch to resolve any supply problems.

Testing, Component Programming, Lead Re-Tinning, Solderability Testing Part Recertification, and Custom Packing

Assured Electronics Corp has approved service facilities to handle all of your specialized component needs. The services provided are warranted to your specifications. You can be assured of the highest standards of quality when you put us in charge of your custom component requirements.

Tape and Reel Services

Assured Electronics Corp offers Tape and Reel services on a quick turnaround time. Contact us for any custom tape and reeling requirements you have.

JIT, Schedules, Contract Buys, Same Day Shipping

Assured Electronics Corp provides multiple shipping options to accommodate for your inventory management needs. From Just-In-Time deliveries which gives you the flexibility to keep your inventory carrying costs down and only keep on hand the product you need for your current production runs, to scheduled releases at predetermined intervals. We have a plan to keep you on track with your inventory management goals.

Kitting Services

Assured Electronics Corp offers a full service kitting solution for any projects you have. We will put together a quote on the entire kit, and once ordered, is tracked internally to make certain all materials needed are available when it comes time to pull and ship the kits. All management services involved are built into the quote so you will not see any additional kitting service charges. Kitting services offer some of the greatest advantages when it comes to simplifying your job as a purchasing professional.

Excess Inventory Management Services

Assured Electronics Corp offers several solutions to help you manage your inventory levels and let you increase your bottom line by freeing your cash tied up in excess inventory. These services are flexible and configurable to meet your specific needs. We work extensively with our clients to provide a solution that provides you with the highest return on your assets.

Consignment -Our consignment service offers you the absolute highest return on your assets. We will arrange for the shipment of the product into our facility in Florida. We will, upon receipt of the product, provide an accurate accounting of exactly what is on our floor. Once inventoried, the product is made available to our immediate clients, as well as, buyers around the world. Your product receives high visibility, which will capture the best market value and the best return on your asset. In addition, by holding the inventory in our facilities, your product can be shipped to our customers in the same-day tradition. We provide monthly sales reports with payment for product sold so you know exactly how well we are doing. We can provide to you, at any time, an accurate report of what is remaining to keep you up to date on the inventory status. We can also provide you with buyout totals should you decide to cash out. Best of all, since it is still your inventory, if there is an item you consign to us and then realize that you actually need the part, we will overnight it to you. We offer all consignment services at no cost to you.

Lot Acquisition and Liquidation – Assured Electronics Corp has the ability to purchase out right all of your electronic component excess inventory, no matter how large or small. Within 24-48 hours, we can provide you with a bid to purchase your excess and eliminate your inventory carrying costs. This provides you with a quick solution to move excess material off your books, and free up your cash flow.

Individual Line Purchases – Assured Electronics Corp offers line item bids when a customer has a few items in a large volume. Line item purchases offer immediate quotes and transactions can be completed in only a couple of hours.

Customer Specific Excess Requirements – You, as the customer, have the final say on how you would like us to handle your excess materials. We will work with you on a creative fashion to give you solutions to any unique inventory situations. Please email and we will configure a plan that will fit your needs.