Lumileds LED arrays up to 6,000 lm

Lumileds has announced chip-on-board LED arrays up to 6,000 lm

Emphasising what is claims is the small size of the emissive areas, there are versions with illuminated diameters of 9, 13 or 15 mm.

Called Luxeon CoB, nominal colour temperature is 3,000K, with 105 lm/W efficacy and CRI >80; all at 36V nominal forward drop.

There are four versions, with typical light outputs of 1,150 (9mm), 1,725 (13mm), 2,300 (13mm) and 3,450 lm (15mm) at 300, 450, 600 and 900mA respectively.

They are hot tested and specified at 85°C, and are based on metal-core printed circuit boards (MCPCBs).

Applications are expected in spotlights, down lights, and replacement of directional incandescents (PAR/AR111, for example).

Courtesy of:Richard Wilson