Panasonic latching relays for smart meters

The latching DW relay from Panasonic has been developed for smart meters, in particular the switching of heater circuit-breakers.

Available from Assured Electronics, the relays can also be used to minimise standby currents in white goods such as washing machines, dishwashers and driers. Other target applications for the new versatile relay are industrial equipment, security equipment, various power supplies, and building automation.

DW relays measure 24mm x 10mm x 18.8mm and low coil power dissipation of 200mW for the 1-coil latching type or 400mW for the 2-coil latching type.

The devices can be used in the entire ‘eco market’ when power of up to 8A/250Vac requires to be switched reliably.

With a creepage and clearance distance of 6mm between contact and coil and a breakdown voltage of 5kV between contact and coil, DW relays are easy to design-in. Surge withstand voltage is 12kV.

DW relays come in a modern, white LCP housing suitable for reflow soldering but are also available in conventional PBT upon request.