PEI-Genesis assembles Deutsch/TE engine connectors


Connector distributor PEI-Genesis can now assemble EN2997/983 series engine connectors from Deutsch/TE Aerospace.

This follows TE Connectivity’s acquisition of Deutsch Group SAS in April. 

The Deutsch/TE products introduce a new line for PEI-Genesis to support the commercial aviation and MRO industries worldwide.

“As the only distributor assembling customised Deutsch/TE Aerospace engine connectors, we are in a unique position to support a worldwide customer base with highly-tailored products very quickly,” said Russel Dorwart, president, PEI-Genesis.

“PEI-Genesis will help Deutsch/TE approach the global marketplace in a new way, with quick turnaround on value-added connectors and comprehensive engineering support around the world,” said Fred Scott, distributor manager of Deutsch/TE Aerospace Operations.