TI adds gain control to differential amplifier

Texas Instruments has introduced its first differential amplifiers which are programmable for variable gain.

The 2.4GHz LMH6881 single-channel and 2.4GHz LMH6882 dual-channel amplifiers have a 6dB to 26dB gain range. 

“The programmable gain control in the LMH6881 and LMH6882 eliminates the need for gain-setting resistors and their associated mismatch errors, enabling more robust systems for applications, such as medical, test and measurement, military, wireless communications, and microwave backhaul,” said the supplier.

Noise figures at maximum gain (26dB) and 100MHz input frequency are: 9.7dB noise figure, 44-dBm OIP3, and -100 dBc HD3.

Gain control can be implemented via SPI bus or dedicated pins, with no external resistors needed.

The devices support  DC/AC coupling and single-ended-to-differential conversion which can remove the need for a balun.

The LMH6882’s channel gain matching is 0.2dB and phase matching is 1.5 degrees, which provides image rejection for wideband zero IF and I/Q sampling applications.

Drive high-performance ADCs: Drive high-speed analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), such as the 8-bit, single-channel ADC083000; 10-bit, dual-channel
ADC10D1500; 12-bit, dual-channel ADC12D1800RF; and 14-bit, single-channel ADS4149.